Agricultural Solar Sharing, World Ag Expo 2019



Agricultural Solar Sharing, World Ag Expo 2019

We had a great time exhibiting in the 2019 World Ag Expo in Tulare, California this past February 12-14. We exhibited on Agricultural Solar Sharing in both a field and greenhouse setting.


Agricultural Solar Sharing is not well known in the US. We didn’t know how people would react to this concept of using the same land to grow crops and generate electricity. There were many people that stopped by and expressed a lot of interest. It makes sense to use the space above the crops. By doing so extra sunlight, that can harm crops if they get too much, is used to generate electricity. Installing panels over fields also creates a better environment for the workers in the fields.

Possible Problems for Solar Sharing in the US

In the US so many farmers have land that is very spacious, so they use large machinery. Some people expressed doubt as to whether the agricultural solar sharing frame would get in the way or not. Agricultural solar sharing may not be the best choice in some cases where the machines are too large to fit around the frames. We are always looking at different options to get around these problems as well.


For the time being, solar sharing is probably suited more to smaller sized fields, or for those that don’t use overly large machines. We are in the process of working out solutions to get over this barrier.


With all the positive reactions and feedback from this expo we are looking for people in the US (and other places) that would like to experience the benefits of agricultural solar sharing. We also do greenhouse, warehouse, factory roof installations as well. So, for those that want to install solar, but aren’t able to do solar sharing at this time, we are here for you too.

We look forward to expanding into the US market!

Read more about Agricultural Solar Sharing here

Agricultural Solar Sharing over a cow pasture in Kyushu, Japan




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