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I light agriculture and the future of the earth by solar sharing

I develop solar business or digging construction by the solar sharing that combined photovoltaic power generation with agriculture in the axis of the business for factory, warehouses.


There are various merits including the stabilization of the profit by the coexistence of agriculture and the photovoltaic power generation in the introduction of the solar sharing. In Mackin Energy Japan Co.,Ltd, the application to the agriculture committee has large number of results let alone setting of the solar panel to farmland. If it is solar sharing, leave it to me in anything.


I perform not only the farmland but also the solar panel setting to a factory or the warehouse. To the request of the customer, I suggest the most suitable PV system.


Setting of the solar panel cannot miss digging construction. A lot of staff with the specialized knowledge about digging construction are registered at us and can construct safe and precise digging.


I sell various material about solar sharing. Please consult by all means to prepare a great variety of products.


The abundant results of the solar sharing

There are the introduction results of about 100 a year solar sharing and, based on much experience, performs the most suitable design that I matched with land and the crops. In addition, I can tell you about know-how to raise the crops while the introductions of the crops and the cultivation method suitable for solar sharing perform photovoltaic power generation effectively.

The smooth application to the agriculture committee and large number of authorization results

When I perform solar sharing, the application to the agriculture committee is necessary. But, as for the solar sharing, there are many cases which are not in condition that an accepter of is regulated yet for a relatively new approach. Because our company applies for about 100 a year and gets much authorization results, leave it to me in peace.

Knowledge and experience to have both agricultural corporations

It becomes the condition of the authorization that the solar sharing application to the agriculture committee continues the farming same as before. Therefore it may be difficult to get the authorization when other than farmhouse is going to begin solar sharing. I run agricultural corporation Mackin farm with much farming know-how suitable for solar sharing, and Mackin Energy Japan Co.,Ltd can have application and farming entrust you. Because it is stable and can continue farming in the long term, application is pushed forward smoothly. In addition, it is agricultural corporation をあわせもつからこその merit that can design the photovoltaic power generation panel placement suitable for the crops to cultivate to actually run agriculture.

Much exhibition results to the exhibition

I exhibit in domestic and foreign various exhibitions. I participate in pro-agriculture large-scale exhibition “Kansai agriculture expo” “Kanto agriculture expo” and introduce service of charm and Mackin Energy Japan Co.,Ltd of the solar sharing to the company interested in farmhouse and farmland utilization. In addition, I exhibit in the the United States’s biggest agriculture expo and sunlight expo and send an inflection method of the solar sharing to global.

Footstool & panel of the company original

I design a footstool, the panel including the wisteria trellis-type footstool originally and develop it. In the footstool of the original design, even a tractor can find the farming space that can work by performing construction or invention of the stake pace to reduce a reinforcing structure. I provide the facilities which are easy to perform agriculture while keeping the strength that is necessary for the original product which thought about easy agriculture. In addition, I handle the solar panel of the perpendicular model and plastic greenhouse type, and the design that I matched with the request of the customer is possible.

Human resources with the deep technical knowledge of a building, the ground, the digging

Our company was engaged in the construction of solar facilities ranging from a large-scale item of 40MW to the low-pressure item of less than 50kW. In know-how about digging construction that accumulated by a conventional item, I can cope with the high construction item of the hard ground and the degree of difficulty such as the steep slope. Based on high technology and experience, I keep security and high-precision construction in mind.

Duties cooperation with France-Germany

It ties up with amateur Renko who is French major IPP (pro-independence generation company) and promotes a farmhouse of Japan and the matching with the generation company. With the French major company which is an agriculture large country and a solar developed country because cooperate, can leave solar sharing business in peace. In addition, by a tie-up with German Luxor Solar Co.,Ltd, I send state-of-the-art about solar sharing to a customer.

Cooperation with the cooperation partner

In cooperation with a person concerned with cooperation company and agriculture of various parts of Japan, I consider the possibility of the better solar generation business by holding consultation or information sharing of the construction. To an advisor, I invite Michio Sakamoto of the Director of association of former solar sharing based in Kanto and continue supporting the multidirectional solar sharing business.

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    Mackin Energy Japan Co.,Ltd
    January 2014
    532-0011 Osaka, Yodogawa-ku Nishinakajima 7-1-26 Oriental Shinosaka Building #401
    TEL:+81-6-6195-8226 / FAX:+81-6-6195-8229
    722-0034 3-21, Toyohimotomachi, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima S building 3F
    Hyogo, katoshisoga
    【USA-Las Vegas】
    8550 W Desert Inn Rd. Ste 102166 Las Vegas, NV 89117
    TEL:702-247-6068 / FAX:702-247-6285
    Capital Stock
    ¥10,000,000 (~$91,500)
    Masaaki Takeuchi
    • Agricultural Solar Sharing
    • Solar System Sales and Installation
    • Home Construction and Reform
    Nochi Energy- Sakamoto Michio (former director of the Solar Sharing Association)
    Kaname Law Firm- Yonezawa Akira
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    Major Clients

    • Orix Corporation
    • Panasonic Corporation
    • Spin and Forming Ltd.
    • Kanso Co., Ltd.
    • Takeuchi Food Service Ltd.







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